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Company: PPT (Precision Parts Technologies Co.)
Tel: +66-27532219
Fax: +66-27532697
Email: pptech@loxinfo.co.th // or huficnx@chmai.loxinfo.co.th
URL: www.pptech.8m.net
Business: Contract-manufacturing & assembly, Supplier Management and Outsourcing into Asia Pacific.
Sector: aerospace, automotive, sewing machine & mechatronics.
Product lines: Engineering parts (e.g. Cast, Stamped, Inj.-moulded, turned & other machining) & Pre-assemblies.
Other services: we offer also Prototyping and have the facilities to make 2-/ or 3D drawings, plus moulds & dies from IGES, Solidworks and other popular solid-model files.

Overview: Our private company, Precision Parts Technologies (Thailand), was founded in 1997 to assist & support professionally a growing number of overseas companies wanting to ‘OUTSOURCE manufacturing’ --with minimum risk-exposure-- into unfamiliar ASIAN territory.
We mainly function as intermediary LOCAL support agent, for all technical and commercial matters, between YOU as customer and those by us carefully selected competent Asian SME’s (manufacturers & subcontractors) ready and fit to do the job.

Services: Basically we are a manufacturers RepresentativeTrading Co. with combined experience of over 25 years manufacturing plus 10 years procurement in Automotive, Aerospace, Sewing Machine and Mechatronics industries.
Although we are not currently manufacturing ourselves we have a vast array of capable and qualified manufacturers to meet a wide range of customers needs and quality standards.
WE are fully dedicated and involved from customer specification --which may include tool making & qualification-- parts & process sampling and qualification, as well as process and quality capability assessment to assure stable quality supplies.
WE seek to adopt a process approach, and be involved to enhance customer satisfaction, from start-up assessment through to the final inspection as well. All product passes through PPT before shipment to the customer.
If you have a need and are interested in a service such as ours we would be very interested in detailed discussions pertaining to your project.

We look forward to doing business with you.
The Management-team of PPT.

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